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Rooflights & Skylights

In a nutshell, a rooflight or skylight is a window in your roof. That sounds simple, but in fact they are complex things and take a lot of consideration before installing one.

These windows are usually (although not always) smaller than the average windows built into walls that you may see in your living room for example. However, what they lack in size they certainly make up for in light. Due to them being placed on a roof, whether it be pitched or flat, rooflights are great for letting sunlight seep into your home, and also make an excellent choice for letting some air into a structure that doesn’t have any windows already built in, such as an outhouse or a loft conversion.

The most popular material for roof lights is glass. It is transparent, and also offers a sharp and sleek aesthetic appearance which makes it a great choice for any property. For something a bit more cost-effective though, why not consider polycarbonate roof lights? This material is still transparent, and although it lacks the stunning visuals of glass, it is a good option for people trying to keep the budget down.

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