Flat Roof

Torch-on Felt

Torch-on felt is widely considered as one of the most durable, reliable methods of waterproofing a flat roof. The installation process involves rolling sheets of bitumen felt onto the roof, using a propane torch to heat the material so that it adheres to the surface. Once the layers reach the right temperature, the seams are then melted together to create a waterproof seal. The torch-on felt solution relies on a three-layer system, which will require two levels of underlay underneath the cap sheet.

There are different grades available to provide enhanced quality but the ultimate choice will depend your budget and building requirements. A great advantage of felt is its ability to perform under pressure and due to multi-layering, it stands up well to foot traffic, and other potential damage caused by falling debris. Howver, bitmen felt can be more susceptible to blistering in hot climates.

Torch on felt, if well maintained, can last 30+ years.

GRP Fibre Glass

GRP fibreglass has become one of the most popular forms of flat roofing systems because it is not only a strong material but it also doesn’t add too much extra weight to the structure.

GRP Fibreglass can only be laid in dry, mild conditions. As the material is in liquid form it means there are no joins or seams left on of the roof surface after installation. This creates a smooth finish that other forms of roofing systems struggle to match.

GRP fibreglass comes in a wide range of colours which provides a great level of choice for property owners. If you have a specific colour scheme on the property you’re looking to match against, this is far more likely to be possible with GRP.

GRP Fibreglass, if well maintained, can last 25+ years.

EPDM Rubber Roofing

EPDM rubber is perfectly suited for flat roofs. It is water resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures.

EPDM rubber is a highly waterproof material capable of resisting rainfall and other forms of water ingress, which are a common causes of damage to flat roofs. Thanks to its permeability and elasticity, a single EPDM membrane can very often be used to cover an entire roof. With no seams, the new flat roof has no vulnerable points where water may get in.

EPDM Rubber, if well maintained, can last 50+ years.

Flat Roofing
Flat Roofing